Camay Blakely

Director of Agility and Therapy Dog Program

Camay Blakely: Director of Agility and Therapy Dog Program
Camay started her dog sports career in 1998.  Her breed of passion is Shetland Sheepdogs upon which she reflects, “I love them all and can’t imagine having another breed.”

In 1998, she began an obedience career with her first sheltie, “Joe.”  Joe and Camay competed all the way to a UDX title.  In 2004, Sheltie Pacesetter ranked them #36 in the country.  An all time favorite memory is completing a Utility Title at SPDTC in (1) show (3) consecutive days, a feat not for the faint of heart.   In 1999, SPDTC started an agility training program.  Some of the early teams recruited were those successful in obedience.  Camay and Joe trained in the very first agility programs SPDTC offered.  Agility soon became their passion.  In May 2004, they completed a UDX (Utility Dog Excellent) in obedience and a MACH (Master Agility Champion) in agility, within the same month!  They were the first Minnesota MACH team that had exclusively trained at SPDTC.  Joe retired in 2005 and Camay began training a second sheltie, Winnie.

Winnie has agility titles MX, MXJ and is working on an obedience UD.  In 2010 he won a High in Trial in the Yellowstone Obedience Trials in Billings, MT., described as “a thrill beyond words.”  Camay has served as SPDTC Agility Director since 2005.  She loves training dogs, the comradery of friends and she wants people to share in the learning and fun she has experienced within the SPDTC Community.


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